about us

Graeme Attwood

Director of Archaeology

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford


Graeme is the well seasoned British archaeologist of the company. Fueled by a life-long interest in archaeology and Irn-Bru, he began volunteering for local research excavation projects age 15. He generated a career out of this early hobby, working for both commercial archaeology and archaeo-geophysics companies over the past decade. In his spare time, Graeme follows the ups and downs, let’s face it, mainly the downs, of Newcastle United and is a keen photographer.

Finnegan Pope-Carter

Director of Research and Development

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

BSc Geophysics (Physics) – University of Liverpool

Fellow of the Geological Society

Finn is the technology go-to guy at Magnitude Surveys. Coming from a geophysics background, Finn was inspired and driven by the challenges of applying geophysics for archaeology; he is passionate about tackling new and old problems with computing. Finn believes there is no problem that can’t be solved with raspberry pi and computer coding. In his spare time, Finn stalks the technology section of Kickstarter, enjoys camping, and is an avid reader.

Dr. Chrys Harris

Director of Projects

PhD Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

BA Anthropology: emphasis in Archaeology – Minnesota State University, Moorhead

Chrys is the resident earth resistance and EM enthusiast at Magnitude Surveys, passionate about developing new survey and data processing/visualisation methods for these techniques. This has been the focus of her PhD thesis, which she has recently completed! One of her favourite aspects of geophysical work is the adventure of exploring new places. In her spare time, Chrys enjoys playing the piano and hiking (although not at the same time).

Leanne Swinbank

Project Officer

BA Archaeology – University of York

Leanne entered the world of commercial archaeological geophysics in 2013 shortly after graduating. After spending most of the last few years in various fields across the country Leanne is looking forward to spending some time in doors running field teams.  In her spare time Leanne enjoys baking, reading, and searching ebay for retro home bargains.

Dr. Hannah Brown

Community Engagement Officer

PhD Archaeological Prospection and Landscapes – University of Bradford

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

MA Medieval Studies – University of York

BA Modern History – University of Oxford

Marta Fortuny Torruella

Junior Project Officer

MA Landscape Archaeology – University of Sheffield

BA Archaeology – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Marta likes dancing salsa and geophysics; in that order. She has plenty field experience from archaeological excavations in Spain and France. After graduating from her BA, Marta moved to the UK to pursuit a career in archaeological geophysics, first by completing a masters and then by joining Magnitude Survey. She likes challenging herself, like learning other latino dances or studying Russian.

Julia Cantarano

Junior Project Officer

Ingénieur géophisicienne – EOST Strasbourg


Julia has a degree in geophysics, but a passion for archaeology and joined Magnitude surveys after completing her studies. When she is not on the field, she is in the office developing creative software packages and analysing data. In her free time, she likes to draw, paint or play piano and, when she feels more adventurous, to go hiking or rock climbing.

Nick Adams

Supervising Geophysical Technician

BSc Geophysics

BSc (Hons) Marine Geophysics

Nick moved to the UK all the way from Australia in search of an opportunity to work with archaeological geophysics. He completed a BSc in Geophysics in 2013 followed by an Hons. by research degree in Marine Geophysics. After originally working with mineral exploration as a geophysics field assistant in outback Australia, Nick decided to combine geophysical experience with his interest in archaeology and ancient history, and become an assistant with Magnitude Surveys. During his spare time, Nick’s favourite activities include playing the guitar, exploring new places and appreciating nature.

Ed Burton

Geophysical Supervisor

PGCE Primary Education – Durham University

BA Archaeology – Durham University

Following his university studies, Ed spent four years working as an outdoor educator in New York. Combining his passion for outdoor learning with a background and interest in archaeology, he joined Magnitude Surveys shortly after his return to the UK in 2017. In his spare time, Ed enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and rock climbing.

Freddie Salmon

Geophysical Supervisor

BSc Geological Oceanography

Freddie came to Magnitude Surveys in 2017, having previously worked as a land surveyor in the greater London area. Freddie looks forward to expanding and developing his mastery of both geophysics and archaeology in a professional environment. He is a keen national-level rower and triathlete, and general lover of all things water sports. Freddie is also a self-confessed land rover nut, and enjoys working on his own series-three, named ‘Daisy’.

Pete Turner

Geophysical Supervisor

BSc Archaeology – University of Bradford

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

Andrés Pérez Arana

Assistant Archaeological Geophysicist

MA Landscape Archaeology – University of Sheffield

PGCE Secondary Education – Universidad Internacional de la Rioja

BA(Hons)History: Specialisation in World Prehistory and Native American Anthropology – Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Andrés has 10 years of experience in archaeology, first as a volunteer in excavation and post-excavation teams in Spain, Italy and France; and after completing his MA in Landscape Archaeology, as a professional excavator and geophysicist working for different archaeological companies in the UK. At the same time, he had the opportunity to become a Qualified Secondary Education Teacher. With all those skills and enthusiasm for learning new things in his backpack, Andrés has recently joined Magnitude Surveys. After cleaning the mud from his boots, Andrés also enjoys travelling, doing DIY, reading existentialist literature while listening to folk music, playing strategy games and discussing (in any language) about his favourite subjects: politics, history and food.

Robert Legg

Assistant Archaeological Geophysicist

BA Archaeology – Durham University

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

Nick Pearce

Assistant Archaeological Geophysicist

Chris Nelson

Assistant Archaeological Geophysicist

MPhil Aerial Photography and Geophysical Survey in Archaeology – University of Glasgow

MA (Hons) Archaeology and History – University of Glasgow

PGDip Information Technology – University of Glasgow

Tom Sparrow

Friend of Magnitude Surveys

MSc Archaeological Prospection – University of Bradford

BS Archaeological Sciences – University of Bradford

Tom Sparrow has been a friend of Magnitude Surveys since its inception. A modern day renaissance man, Tom’s shared visions with Magnitude Surveys has driven the development of cutting-edge, bespoke geophysical systems. Armed with creativity and a workshop of CNCs and 3D printing machines, there is no task too big or small that can’t be tackled.


Head of Security and Investigations