Senior Supervisor

Cameron Lane

Cameron joined Magnitude in September 2021 as an Assistant Archaeological Geophysicist and has had extensive experience working on surveys across the UK. Now a Senior Geophysical Supervisor, Cameron gets to work with many variations of geophysical data including GPR, EM and Magnetometry and has been fortunate to take part in a variety of projects from community programs to large scale infrastructure surveys. Highlights from his work include visiting Stone Henge and Whitby Abbey as well large numbers of cityside castles along the way. Also, he has met and pet many an animal, including countless dogs, cows, horses and sheep. He has even met a cat and llama (Or alpaca?) out on survey!
Cameron graduated from University of Brighton in 2018 with a BSc in Geology, followed by PG Dip in Exploration Geophysics at University of Leeds. In his free time, Cameron enjoys hiking, rugby and playing both board games and video games. Cameron also enjoys listening to historical podcasts centered around medieval or late medieval Europe.


Key People

Chrys Harris


Finnegan Pope-Carter


Paul Johnson


Leigh A. Garst

Geophysical Services Manager