Project Officer

Krasimir Dyulgerski

Krasimir graduated from University of Liverpool with a Masters in Archaeology, particularly focused on settlement patterns and urbanization in Iron Age Thrace. During his time in University he has participated in archaeological research projects in Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Jordan. Krasimir has been working in the field of archaeological geophysical prospection for the last 5 years. In this time he has become proficient in the collection and interpretation of various types of geophysical data.
He joined Magnitude Surveys three years ago as a Junior Project Officer then advanced to the Project Officer position. During his time with the company, Krasimir been in charge of project managing a large variety of surveys ranging from small scale community projects to large scale infrastructure developments such as solar farms and rail improvement schemes and pipeline corridors.
Outside of work, Krasimir enjoys hiking and woodland photography, much to the annoyance of his colleagues.


Key People

Chrys Harris


Finnegan Pope-Carter


Paul Johnson


Leigh A. Garst

Geophysical Services Manager