Technical Operations Officer

Oliver Burns

Oliver joined Magnitude in 2020 as a Technician, where he cut, drilled, filed, soldered, wired up and pieced together geophysical equipment in our workshop. Now in the more managerial role of Technical Operations Officer, he can sometimes still be spotted donning a set of garishly orange workshop overalls with pride.
Oliver has an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Liverpool and is always applying his skills to keep Magnitude’s equipment improving. When he isn’t working on the latest R&D project, he will often be managing the company’s fleet of vans and quad bikes. Known to be the calming presence on the other end of the phone line, he is always on hand to help surveyors find solutions to technical problems.
Oliver’s free time is spent feeding his girlfriend’s infinitely ravenous guinea pigs, blundering his queen to online chess opponents, and perfecting his much criticised and highly controversial Victoria sponge cake recipe.


Key People

Chrys Harris


Finnegan Pope-Carter


Paul Johnson


Leigh A. Garst

Geophysical Services Manager