Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial views provide unique, breath-taking perspectives, capturing assets, sites and landscapes as images, videos or photospheres. Perfect for reconnaissance surveys, settings assessments or promotional campaigns.
An aerial view of a period building

Aerial photographs and videos capture unique and informative perspectives of assets, sites, settings and landscapes. The results are visually stunning and can be used for a variety of purposes such as reconnaissance, inspection and condition monitoring, progress monitoring and promotional campaigns. Typical outputs included edited photographs, videos, panoramas and photospheres.

Magnitude Surveys employs a mixture of lightweight and heavier enterprise-grade aircraft and payloads to suit the needs of a specific project or location. All our pilots are fully qualified and CAA registered.


Our techniques

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Electromagnetic Conductivity (EM)

Measures the ease of which current flow can be induced in material. Effective for detecting conductive features, such as geomorphology and subsurface landforms, ditches and earthworks.

Magnetic Susceptibility

Measures the ease with which a material can be magnetised. Effective for detecting features with magnetic contrast from the surrounding soil, including burnt features, pits, ditches, and intra-site activity zones.

Aerial Reconnaissance

Incorporating aerial imaging during ‘walkover’ surveys extends the visual range of the surveyor, allowing reconnaissance to be carried out more safely and efficiently, with vastly more informative visual outputs.

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