Uses high-resolution cameras to create accurate and detailed topographical maps, scaled plans and 3D models of assets, sites and landscapes for use in mapping, topographic survey, inspections and monitoring.
A 3D render

Photogrammetry is a versatile and cost-effective aerial survey technique, which uses overlapping images and camera metadata to reconstruct objects, structures and surfaces in three dimensions.

The data can be used to produced detailed topographic models and map data with a resolution and accuracy of a few centimetres, which makes it ideal for use in earthwork surveys and for the recording and monitoring of standing structures.


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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Measures the travel time of reflected high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Effective for detecting abrupt interface changes and voids, for example foundation remains, graves, burial chambers and cellars.

Aerial Reconnaissance

Incorporating aerial imaging during ‘walkover’ surveys extends the visual range of the surveyor, allowing reconnaissance to be carried out more safely and efficiently, with vastly more informative visual outputs.


Measures the ambient magnetic field strength. Effective for detecting features with magnetic contrast from the surrounding soil, including burnt features, pits and ditches.

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